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Tom DAVIS won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Judo Championships in Jaipur, India. Davis competed at the Masters division within the +100kg category. This remarkable achievement was not only Jamaica’s first ever Commonwealth Judo medal but the first ever medal in the sport overall. By Davis’ outstanding performance, history was marked in the Jamaican sport book.

Davis first faced Chetan SHARMA (IND) whom he overcome by Ippon after throwing his opponent by tai-otoshi. Miller ANGUS (RSA) was up next against the Jamaican Judoka. Davis was dominating the contest and caught the opportunity to defeated his opponent in ne-waza by a juji-gatame.

The final contest saw Sanjeev SINGH (IND) vs DAVIS. The Jamaican Judoka was again controlling each and every kumi-kata exchanges. This resulted Singh to pick up his first penalty. As the contest went on, Singh showed a rather passive posture which was marked by a second penalty. Although Singh was two penalties behind, he still remained inactive which meant a third and final penalty for the home favourite judoka as he bowed off with hansoku-make. Davis’ smart tactical work allowed him to mark a milestone for our island and for his competitive career.

Davis from Camberley Judo Club (UK) will take the next few days to recover and prepare for Saturday as he will be competing again, this time, at the Senior division. Davis will give full interview after Saturday’s event. Both, the Jamaican Olympic Association and the Jamaican Judo Association would like to congratulate to Tom Davis for his significant achievement.

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