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About JAM JF

Building A Better Jamaica

The aims of The Jamaican Judo Federation are as follows;

  • To encourage and promote the development of Judo within Jamaica, with an emphasis on youth teams and development.

  • The Federation will strive to provide an opportunity for players of both genders to participate in Judo from the age of five onward.

  • The Federation will seek to compete at the highest possible level.

  • Provide opportunities for youths to be active, be fit, and be healthy.

  • Reduce sedentary behavior which is attributable to childhood obesity.

  • Remove economic barriers to participation in sports.

  • Bring our youth closer together through common interests in sportsmanship and

  • competition.

  • Teach sportsmanship, teamwork and accountability; build character and discipline and

  • love of sport.

  • Encourage the players to have respect for the game, others, and themselves.


Valued Partnerships

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Fighting Films


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